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"Healing means most when it's from The  HEART"


Need a  shoulder and an ear? We're here to help!



Want your team to become well-versed in working with diverse groups and subgroups? You've come to the right place!


Seeking a therapist with whom you can identify? Who hears and understands the issues unique to you? Dr. Lai is the right fit for you!



In such tumultuous and stressful times, there is much to be gained from having a strong support network! If you're a person who often feels as though you're always on the outside looking in, here is a safe place to recenter and regroup. Heart 2 Heart Counseling & Consulting, LLC is owned and exclusively operated by Dr. Alaiyia N. Williams , DSW, LCSW-BACS. As a Black , Transgender Woman, Dr. Lai is extremely passionate about providing services and creating avenues of support for marginalized populations. She specializes in therapy specific to the needs of individuals who identify as Transgender/LGBTQIA+ and uses a plethora of interventions and therapeutic techniques. Alaiyia declares that "the power of purpose will ALWAYS outshine, outlast, and overcome oppression and adversity"; as her personal and professional mantra! She strives to empower those she serves, while utilizing evidence-based practices to help navigate life's challenges andencourage the development of a superb sense of self! Therapy can be an extremely healing process; when it's from the heart!

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