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It helps to talk it out. Therapy is unique and ambiguous in nature. It affords participants the opportunity to build a meaningful and rewarding therapeutic alliance; while also offering safe refuge to one's most inner thoughts and emotions.  Through the eclectic use of evidence-based theoretical approaches, Alaiyia lays the foundation for therapeutic-growth and healing. She utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), strengths-based practices, and solution-focused techniques in efforts of client-empowerment. Check out some of the benefits to participating in therapy below:  

Increased Motivation

Healing has many benefits. With a healthier mental disposition and a  clear mind, one is able to focus on goals and life ambitions. 

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Greater Sense of Self

Working through trauma can be a challenging process. However, through doing the work, clarity awaits on the other side. Self-awareness and healing ultimately lead to a greater sense of self.

Improved Quality of Life

Better days are within your grasp! Its possible to feel great and feel good about where life is taking you. Trauma impacts every aspect of one's life. Healing opens the doors and windows to the soul and makes for an improved quality of life.

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